International Cultural Neuroscience Society


ICNS Conference


2022 ICNS Meeting on Peace and Justice


14 October 2022

Utrecht Netherlands


ICNS Conference



                                                ICNS Closing Remarks

                                                Theme on Peace and Justice



Dear Conference Participants,


Thank you for attending the 2022 Conference on Peace and Justice of the International Cultural Neuroscience Society.  The international cooperation on peace and justice is important to the support and promotion of peace and justice at all levels.  The recognition of the importance of the promotion of peace and justice is foundational to the building of strong institutions and nations.


The development of programs and initiatives that promote inclusion diversity and equality of interracial and ethnocultural relations is foundational to the advancement of peace and justice around the world.  The building of global awareness of the importance of the advocacy of international peace advances the support and promotion of the inclusion, diversity and equality of all.


Understanding the importance of a culture of Peace and Justice contributes to the equitable societal conditions that benefit health and society.  Efforts to ensure the highest standards of Peace and Justice are paramount to the achievement of the health equity of nations.


Building awareness of peace and justice is important for the attainment of health equity in a global context. 


We are truly grateful to members for their support.  We look forward to seeing you next year.


Kind Regards,

Text Box: Joan Chiao



Joan Chiao, Co-Chair

Conference Committee

International Cultural Neuroscience Society